Founded in 1991 Milla offers over 20 years of presence in the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) market; this represents a solid guarantee of experience and professionalism. The efforts and investments of these years had always as primary objective the research and development of new products and the rationalization of the distribution system. These objectives qualify the company and create the “global service” approach, a winning attitude in the markets of the third millennium. Milla is specialized in the protection of the breath apparatus; the company manufactures masks, half masks, dust filters, gas filters and combined filters for both types of masks in its plant in Regalbuto (EN), Sicily. The main markets where the company already operates are Europe, Italy and Middle East; nevertheless it is gradually planning to expand in many more areas around the globe. The core production activity is represented by the research and development unit. Here, Milla plans new products and brings changes to the existing ones in order to make these even more ergonomic and so better accepted by the end user. Prior to entering the market with a new product or an existing one the company runs all mandatory tests and trials in its lab.  


Today, Milla is presenting itself as a company in continuous evolution with the objective of satisfying the various needs coming from the breath apparatus protection market; it provides products with high technical and ergonomic content along with a highly qualified customer service post-sale assistance. It is with this philosophy that Milla decided to take the necessary steps to be ISO 9001 certified. Starting from the project development stages of any PPE product, particular attention is given to the environmental sustainability. Each item is studied to have lightest possible weight and volume reaching two objectives: the first is a direct saving on raw materials and the second being an indirect saving on transportation fuel to deliver goods to our clients. When designing the boxes particular attention is given to using as much recycling cardboard as possible.