EURMASK® DIN is a one-size-fits-all half mask ideal for the protection from dusts, organic and inorganic gases, vapors, acids, combined gases and dusts. It is widely used when working with wood, stones, spray painting, painting, grinding, D.I.Y., use of pesticides, smoke and welding. This half mask covers the nose, mouth and chin, and has a body molded in TPE rubber. The silicon exhalation valve is mounted on a highly resistant plastic base and is protected by a cover. The head harness is composed of three elements: head piece, neck locking buckles and elastic rods. The possibility of regulating the mask with the four attachment points keeps the half mask comfortably and securely in place. EURMASK® DIN offers a universal thread made of a special mix of combined polypropylene and fiberglass which gives the thread a high resistance to heat such as a wood fire. EURMASK® DIN accepts all filters with universal thread EN 148-1 with a weight of less than 300 grams.
EN 140/ EN 148-1
115 grams

Item : 7355
Size : one size fits all
Weight : 115 grams
Quantity per box : 16

The robust universal
thread EN 148-1.

The silicon exhalation
valve allows for easy
and smooth breathing
also in extreme

The easy, intuitive and
ergonomic neck
buckle adjusting clip.