The Panarea Twin mask, is a negative pressure mask, in accordance with Norm EN 136: 1998 in accordance with EU regulation 2016/425.

Composed by External face made of soft silicone, extremely flexible at both high and low temperatures, ensuring an airtight seal on any shape of the face.

Large polycarbonate screen with anti-scratch treatment on the outside and anti-fog system inside, without distortion; its 180 ° angle guarantees a wide field of view both in the horizontal and in the lower part.

The polycarbonate, of which it is made, has a thickness of 2.2mm to ensure a high resistance to shocks.

The central valve group consists of:
Phonic membrane, exhalation valve, protection shield
Two quick bayonet connections allow two filters to be connected via two inhalation valves
Internal oronasal mask in hypoallergenic silicone
EPDM rubber head harness in five points

The mask must be used with two filters, series EURFILTER ETNA 2000, described in the following pages. The bayonet connections are designed in such a way that when the two filters are positioned on the mask, this doesn’t interfere with the field of view, and its weight is distributed more ergonomically than the Panrea Mask with a central filter.

The full face mask PANAREA TWIN is suitable for protection against fine dust, harmful climates, organic and inorganic gases and vapors and combinations of gases and powders. Find the best use in the chemical industry, application of pesticides, forest fire smoke, treatment and disposal of asbestos, presence of radionuclides.

Storage: store the product at temperatures between -20 ° C and +50 ° C, with relative humidity not higher than 80%.

If correctly stored in the original packaging, the mask has an estimated duration of 10 years from the date of production. The date of expiry is indicated on the box label.

Use limitation: this filtering device can’t be used in environments where oxygen concentration falls below 17% by volume.

Item : 7200
Class : 3
Size : Unica
Weight : 700gr
Quantity per box : 12

Auto locking adjustment
buckles with fast and
easy unlocking system

Rapid bayonet fitting
for Etna 2000
filter series.

Full face protective visor cover

Full face protective visor cover, with adhesive on both edges.

Quantity per box:10

Full face mask carry bag

Full face mask carry bag.In polyester, closing with zipper, inside pocket for filter.

Quantity per box:10