This full face one-size-fits-all negative pressure mask consists of:
• External seal in soft silicon, particularly delicate on the skin, stays very flexible when used in both very cold and very hot environments; this assures a perfect hermetic seal around the face and a comfortable wearing for any face’s shape.
• Panoramic lens in polycarbonate with anti-scratch treatment on the outside and anti-fog air circulation system on the inside; it offers a distortion free vision and a 180° field of view which allows a panoramic lateral and downward vision. 2.2 mm polycarbonate lens provides a high impact resistance to impacts.
• Frontal mono-block formed by: universal thread EN 148-1, exhalation and inhalation valve, phonic diaphragm system and door seal valve. • Internal oronasal half mask in hypoallergenic silicon.
• 5 point adjustable head strap in EPDM rubber.
The position and the angle of the threaded connection has been developed in a way that whenever the filter is screwed to the mask it does not interfere with the visual field and the filter’s weight is more ergonomically distributed. PANAREA full face mask, is ideal for the protection against highly toxic dust, gases, organic and inorganic vapors, acids and combinations of gases and dusts. It is ideal for use in the chemical, petrochemical industries, refineries, intensive use of pesticides, wood wild fires, removal and disposal of asbestos and radionuclide. The full face mask can be used with filters using the universal EN 148-1.
UNI EN 136:2000

Item : 7000
Class : 3
Size : Unica
Weight : 700gr
Quantity per box : 12

The compact one-
piece valve
block for a better seal

The silicon exhalation
valve allows easy and
smooth breathing also
in extreme

Self blocking head
strap clips for an easy
and fast fitting and un-

Full face protective visor cover

Full face protective visor cover, with adhesive on both edges.

Quantity per box:10

Full face mask carry bag

Full face mask carry bag.In polyester, closing with zipper, inside pocket for filter.

Quantity per box:10